"Some writers need a while to charge their batteries, and then write their books very rapidly. Some writers write a page or so every day, rain or shine. Some writers run out of steam, and need to do whatever it is they happen to do until they’re ready to write again."
Neil Gaiman (Entitlement issues)

Our September Fashion Shoot comes to life

Words of Emotion


sometimes i feel bad about myself but then i remember that there are ppl out there who think that a givenchy tshirt is the highest form of artistic fashion and that cara delvigne is an icon and i instantly feel better

"Flying kite was nice
Turquoise trees and ocean breezes
Loving you was nice
But it’s a new day, a new season"
Jhené Aiko “Spotless Mind”
Amy Winehouse You Know I'm No Good
Amy Winehouse
You Know I'm No Good


Amy Winehouse // You Know I’m No Good

And then you notice little carpet burns,
My stomach drop and my guts churn.
You shrug and it’s the worst.
Who truly stuck the knife in first?

I cheated myself
Like I knew I would.
I told you, I was trouble:
You know that I’m no good.


I found proof that my fiancé had been cheating on me for two years and waited to tell anyone or even confront him. I tell people I dumped him and I’m over it, but really, if he hadn’t left me, we’d still be together. I loved him far more than I should have. 


Why do I have to be so socially awkward? I just want friends. BE MY FRIEND